the bubble

Me and my husband have been married for three months and I can honestly say it has been the best period of our relationship so far. I am happy and everything is great. The only thing that worries me is that I know the bubble is gonna burst. I just don’t know when.

Yesterday me and my friend hang at a coffee-house and talked about her relationship. She and her boyfriend have been together for a year. Yesterday he told he that he loves her, but he doesn’t want to settle down. So right now they live together as friends with benefits. It is hard for her to leave him, even though I think that’s what she should do. She loves him so much she is willing to stay with him even though he doesn’t want to share his future with her. They were happy and then the bubble burst. Is it gonna happen to us as well?

Of course, they weren’t married like we are. That made me examine the married couples I know. My parents are divorced. I have two aunts who are trapped in loveless marriages. My grandparents are divorced. Most of my friends parents are divorced or separated. I know only one or two married couples that seem to be happy.

Is our bubble gonna burst? Why can’t we just stay in this moment, perfectly happy and comfortable. I don’t want to look at my husband and not seeing the love. What if I wake up one day realizing I don’t love him anymore. I can’t bear that thought. I will protect the bubble at all costs.

7 thoughts on “the bubble

  1. I have been married for 4 years, I know that’s not much to say anything but all I can say is, be positive, have faith and compromise! They key is to try and fit in both of your wants and needs and compromising! I think the marriage bubble lasted 6 months for us, the fights did happen but you’ll learn how to recover from the fights. Eventually you’ll be an old married couple like us (we just eat in and watch movies on Saturday nights).

    Having kids have changed us again. But we are happy, we fight differently but we always compromise!

    Every marriage is different so don’t worry about your family. There’s alot of broken marriages in our family too 🙂

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  2. The bubble bursts for everyone eventually – But this is good because it means you are both comfortable enough with each other to show your true selves, warts and all. Both of you will change over time, this is normal and shows you are both developing as people. Some changes may come as a surprise to one or both of you – just keep communication open and respect each other’s choices and give each other space too. I have been married for nine years and known him for seventeen. Is he still the same person i fell in love with? Not at all! I’m not the same person he fell in love with either but we stayed together because we worked together. As long as your baseline values are similar you should be fine! Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.


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  3. Yes, the bubble will pop but so what? Growth is good! I’m on my second marriage and it’s fabulous. Do we fight sometimes? Of course. But again, so what? The key is to keep up your communication and realize that it’s your life. If it did happen that you woke up one morning and discovered you weren’t in love anymore, that happens. People grow apart. Some of my best friends today are women I was previously in a romantic relationship with and while the romance didn’t work, the friendship did.

    Basically… don’t worry about it. Just talk to your husband, keep lines of communication open and enjoy your life together.

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  4. Both people have to participate. My marriage failed because I was the only one who worked to make it. Don’t let that happen! Thank you for visiting my blog.


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