i kissed you again 

for I thought it made you smile

little did I know

you were laughing at my love.

the way I lived my life

I read the greatest works of czech literature in English

and watched Forman’s films ironically.

I met a lot of ordinary people

 and few special ones who held my hand 

when I was pissing on the street. 

I had no money and never learnt my rights 

too hungover for revolution, too alive for the poverty.

I watched the most horrible men ruin the world 

and their sons wrecked my sister.

I lived my life according to Ginsbergs’s words 

and never went to church

my last memory will be yoursmiling face

after you leave my half- lived life. 


School. It’s getting to me. I have no free time and I’m depressed (hey what’s new). So this is my very bad apology for the inactivity. I’ll probably start blogging on a regular schedule soon as soon as I figure out how to manage my time better. I hope your September is going better than mine is. I have to study for an anatomy exam. Take care xxx


The descending shadow of your trust

exposed my eyes to the reality

I was afraid to see.

I saw the light die

the moment I asked

your soul shifted under my hand

and the love was gone.


I long for home

a place with you.

Before the harsh truth

of your disgust

killed my spirit.