dear James Cameron, don’t

I was thinking about Avatar the other night, well not the film, but the brilliant SNL sketch with Ryan Gosling, so I watched it again. After I watched it for the fifth time that night, something downed on me. I’ve seen the video dozens of times, but it felt like I finally realized the words being spoken for the first time. Are they really going to make Avatar 2? I wasn’t sure, because like most people I don’t give a fuck about Avatar. Quick google search confirmed my darkest worries. Not only they will make a sequel, they will make four sequels!!! I stared at the phone with confusion and fear. Really James Cameron, really?

the blue dude

So, Avatar. The highest-grossing film of all time. Yet not a single person I ever met in my entire life considers it to be their favourite movie. Let me ask you this. What is the plot of Avatar? I don’t know and I’ve seen it twice!

From what I can remember it is about US (??) military invading some planet to get to their oil (they do that sometimes) or watermelons or something. Then there is a soldier in a wheelchair and he gets to be a spy by looking like the other aliens?? There is Zoe Saldana somewhere in all this?? I think she and the military dude fall in love and then some shit goes down between the natives and the americans. The end? I don’t know. I don’t even know how long the movie is, but every time I watched it felt like four hours.

Even though I was able to remember some of the plot, there is no way I remember a single characters name, or anything spoken in the film. That tells you a lot.

Recently Avengers: Infinity War surpassed the $2 billion mark at the global box office. Only three previous movies were able to do that. Titanic, Force Awakens and Avatar. I could write essays about the three other movies, I could write fanfics, I could make fanart I would (and I have) watch them more than once. But Avatar? If I don’t see that movie for the rest fo my life I will be a happy person.

Why then does James Cameron think it is a good idea to make four sequels? The truth is, that people will probably go see the first one, but by the time the 4th rolls around most of them will be bored with it and have long since realized, that those movies are not that special. The first one surprised everyone with the CGI and technology and whatever, but it lacked what movies need most. A good story, memorable characters, quotable dialogue and a heart. It’s not just about it looking pretty.

And before you’re gonna scream at me how Avatar is a good movie know that I never said it is not. It could be great movie, it could be a garbage movie, but I don’t remember anything about it. In my book that does make it a bad movie. So, yeah I said it. Feel free to scream at me. Films should make you feel something. Even If it’s a bad feeling. A film, that does not make you feel anything doesn’t deserve four sequels. You may quote me on that.


8 thoughts on “dear James Cameron, don’t

  1. It is common knowledge that nearly everyone who saw it deemed it a waste of magnificent movie magic! I totally agree with your post. What was the best part of Infinity War for you? I did some art based on Tom Holland, if you want to see it it’s in the „art“ section of my blog 🙂


      1. Yes, I can’t wait for the next part. I need closure! I think the best thing is that even though Loki is gone (and probably won’t ever come back), for one split second, he was an Avenger. “We have a Hulk.” Not “they” but “we”. And I think that’s beautiful. *sobs* 😂


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