wake up

Wake up,

don’t forget to brush your hair

work  for 12 hours straight

take a break If you have to, but they won’t pay.


Come home,

you must be hungry

I bought the chicken you don’t like.


Smoke and drink,

If it makes you fell good

but do your chores first.



If you must

but not about me.


Fall asleep,

If you can

but not until I do.



the light

In the light of the day

my heart stopped beating.

Came this close to realizing the only constant in my life has been you.


In the dark of the day

my heart’s already dead

never felt the need to ask

for forgivness or love.

a toast

I’d like to thank the men

who held me for a moment

and those who let me go.


To the boys who kissed me and never once looked at my sister.

thank them for teaching me a lesson,

for loving me mildly.


I’d like to thank you, for pyting me for it truly makes me feel alive.

Thank you cousin for the unhelpful advice you have given me over the years.

To you, my dearest sister

for telling me stories of your crazy life, those are the only times I’ve actually come close to living.

To you mother, for the cigarettes and low-self esteem.

To you my love for laughing in my face and leaving me in the darkness.