life update

Hello friends,

it’s been a while I know. Couple of things changed, since I last posted here. I dropped out of college. Again. I am now officialy a two- time college dropout. Yaayy. What can I say. Education just isn’t for me anymore. I will write a post about the gifted children’s depression phenomena later this month where I hope to explore why all the great middle schoolers get depressed in high school.


So, I have entered the workforce. I am now a part of capitalism. As you can imagine I hate it very much. I work in retail, I’m a little over-qualified for that, but if my second college experience taught me anything it’s that I cannot handle stress. That’s why I chose a relatively low-stress job. While the stress is contained there are customers on the other hand, who easily are the worst kind of people on the planety so yeah, nothing is perfect.

My sister got married last month. It was a lovely outdoor wedding. The weirdest thing about the marriage is that we now both have different surnames and our little sister has a different surname. It’s very weird. My best friend will be moving here next week. She and her boyfriend got engaged and she will be moving with him, he’s renovating a house for them. Finally she will live closer to me and I will be able to hang out with her regualry.

I’ve been watching Lucifer on Netflix and I really like it so far, check it out if you like supernatural, crime and great characters. I also watched the new Stranger Things season and I loved it! It was much better than the second one, though worse than the first one. So, naturally I’ve been listening to Don’t mess around with Jim for two weeks straight now.