watch a film in your native language

Day 2 of my movie challenge.  Today I’m going to talk about a film made in my country. Czech cinematography is full of amazing movies. Kolja is as heartwarming tale about a man connecting with a boy whose mother abandoned him in a foreign country. Written by Zdeněk Svěrák the film won an Academy Award for the best foreign language film in 1997. Another successful film was Jiří Menzel’s Closely Watched Trains winning the same award in 1967. Věra Chytilová directed Daisies a comedy – drama regarded as a milestone of the New Wave movement. The more recent films include Masaryk, Loners, Holiday Makers or Perfect Days.

Those are all great films and chances are you probably heard of at least one of them before. So, I’m not gonna talk about them, I’m gonna talk about

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watch a film from the year your mom was born

This is the first film I’m gonna watch as a part of my movie challenge.  I decided to start with this one, because for me this is the most exiting one on the list.

My mother was born in 1973. The year brought us some great movies. The most iconic of them is undeniably The Exorcist directed by William Peter Blatty. Nominated for ten academy awards the film had a great impact on pop culture and still has to this day. I am not a fan of horror movies though as I get scarred easily, so no Exorcist for me.

Speaking of the Academy Awards, The Sting won the best picture  that year as well as another six Academy Awards.  Paul Newman and Robert Redford star as two con artist in this hugely succesful caper film. I tried to watch this movie once when I was younger, but couldn’t get through with it, I want to watch it some day, but not for this challenge.

This year also gave us my favourite romantic drama The Way We Were starring Barbra Streisand. Other popular films from this year include: Paper Moon, American Grafitti, Westworld, Enter the Dragon and Soylent Green.

All those films are great, but the film I chose and my favourite film from 1973 is

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movie challenge

Recently I realized that I was watching the same few films over and over. Every time  I watch a film, I either watch it a few times over or I watch all of them if it is part of a franchise. Then it takes me a long time to watch something different, I get so caught up in the world the film created I don’t want to leave it. This of course holds me back from exploring different movies, so I created this movie challenge. I’ll probably won’t watch the movies chronologically. Feel free to do this challenge with me If you like.

movie challenge