something dangerous

There’s something dangerous about the way you laugh at your own misery.

I’ll bring you flowers I swear

I will bring you roses when….


The sensible ways of your thinking,

the delicate manners of your faceless empathy all perished into the sky like a dust off of an empty road no one walked on for a long time.

I’ll light you a candle I swear

put it somewhere safe from the wind, when…..




my mamma told me to come back,

to leave the city,

but you asked so sweetly with the twins under my heart I said yes.


You said If I give you a girl to name her after you.

You said I shouldn’t leave.


So I stayed and raised them,

blond angels, patrons of a broken home.


You left one night and came back in cuffs,

we were on our fourth child.

The uniform caused so much trouble and the kids can’t sleep.


I left the city,

and looked into my mamma’s eyes,

her daddy long gone and so was mine


Not every life is worth living, but nobody wants to die

crack my skull open and see what I think.

Violate my trust one more time,

you know the drill and when I wake up with no memories you’ll smile again.

Charm my senses

the last thought of my mind will be your face as you push me down the stairs, smiling, for you have done the job.




wake up

Wake up,

don’t forget to brush your hair

work  for 12 hours straight

take a break If you have to, but they won’t pay.


Come home,

you must be hungry

I bought the chicken you don’t like.


Smoke and drink,

If it makes you fell good

but do your chores first.



If you must

but not about me.


Fall asleep,

If you can

but not until I do.